Otto Zwarg 1/0 Model 400 Laurentian Multiplier, Otto Zwarg was the production foreman at Edward Vom Hofe in the 1930s and made his first reels in Brooklyn in 1946 and moved to St. Petersburg in 1947 where he made reels until his death in 1958. His reels are more scarce than vom Hofe reels. This 1/0 size reel was the smallest and rarest salmon reel with has a diameter of 3 1/8" with a 1 1/8" spool width. These 1/0 reels are very desirable because of their versitility. They can be used as a light salmon reel but also as a heavy trout reel. RHW, 9.9 oz., 7 stop adjustable drag, 2.5 to 1 ratio, hard rubber sideplates with nickel silver end rings and fittings. Marked 1-0 and 400 along with D239. Made in St. Petersburg. Excellent condition with no cracks or dents, screw heads are all as they should be, mechanically perfect, the forward end of the foot has been professionaly shortened about 1/8" to fit a modern uplocking reel seat. 1/0 size reels by EVH, Zwarg, or Walker are very difficult to find.