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ARC Fishing

ARC99+ Line


Designed for today’s faster action fly rods, the ARC 99+ is a half line size heavier and features a more condensed taper than standard true-to-size fly lines. This additional weight and specialized taper design loads fast action rods easier, resulting in longer, more accurate casts. Built around our 6% low-stretch Response Core, the ARC 99+ incorporates the latest advancements in fly line design, including transition Zones, a super high floating permanent Nano PTFE coating and a low-friction, grooved line profile. We call this ZNG Technology. This makes the ARC 99+ one of the longest casting, highest floating and easiest mending fly lines on the market today.

  • Custom size and taper maximizes performance of fast action rods

  • Variable compression Zones maximize performance of individual segments of the line

  • Permanent Nano PTFE coating repels water, dirt and surface scum, maximizing line float

  • Grooved line profile reduces tangles and friction, producing higher line speeds for longer, more accurate casts

  • 6% low-stretch Response Core for superior line sensitivity and solid hook set

  • Durable UV, sunscreen and DEET resistant 100% polyurethane outer layer

  • Welded front and back loops for easy leader rigging and line change out

  • Line ID system welded into back loop


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