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Art Flick's

Art Flick's New Streamside Guide

What fly shall I use? This is the question that most interests ardent trout fishermen - beginners and experts alike; and this is what Art Flick's New Streamside Guide is designed to answer. It is an acknowledged 'practical classic.' The guide graphically identifies the principal May flies, nymphs, and their distinguishing traits; suggests when they will be hatching (time of day as well as season); and offers Art Flick's own proven dressings for imitating the naturals. It also gives innumerable clear and detailed tips on the selectivity of trout, how to collect naturals yourself, the care of flies, and canny stream lore that will improve your fishing immensely. For years, this concise, direct and authoritative book has been the 'bible' to anglers across the country because of its warmth and wit, its lucid explanations, and its simplification of the mysteries of fly fishing. Now, new species are identified and examined, the section on nymphs has been expanded substantially, there is a new chapter on summer and autumn angling with terrestrials and minutiae.


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