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Charles Boswell

Boxlock Double Rifle .450 No. 2 Nitro Express

Charles Boswell Boxlock Double Rifle, .450 No. 2 Nitro Express, circa 1906, 11 lbs. 9 oz., 24" ported fluid steel barrels with front ramp sight and rear standing leaf sight with positions for four folding leaves (missing), barrels engraved "Charles Boswell Maker" and "126 Strand, London, WC", dolls head rib extension, extractor, barrels nitro proved 80 grns Cordite and 480 grns bullet, action acanthus scroll engraved with game buffalo game scenes on left and right sides along with makers name, English walnut stock with 14 7/8" LOP over a Silvers pad, pistol grip and splinter forend, engraved steel grip cap, vacant stock oval, original period sling stock and barrel studs.

A bruiser of a pre-war golden era British dangerous game double rifle.  This old girl has seen plenty of action and is proven on numerous African hunts.  The previous owner relied on her on many hunts and filled a trophy room to the brim with her.  This old girl has fine bones and pedigree but if you've skipped ahead to the photos, you know she's not the prettiest girl at the dance but she gets the job done and she's reliable.  The rifle is mechanically in excellent condition and without issue, the action is nice and tight and on face.  The bores are very good with some frosting showing but lots of strong rifling remaining.  Cosmetically, the outside of the barrels, but in particularly, the right barrel has numerous scattered pitting but with the left barrel pretty clean.  The tops of the muzzles have 3 ports each to control muzzle jump.  As mentioned earlier, the folding leaves on the rear sight are missing.  Also, the trigger guard engraved with an elephant, though looks correct, has a different serial number than the action, barrels, and forend.  I will say the trigger guard's serial number looks like a newer stamp but we don't know the story there so it's possible the guard is a period replacement.

This rifle is a proven shooter in Africa and though she's got her warts, she gets the job done.  If someone wants to get the barrels cleaned up, I think they should turn out nicely.  But, with all her history, I think she should be left with all her hard earned patina.  If you want a sold, proven shooter and want to look like you've been there before, she might be for you.  Take the money you will save and pay for your next hunt.  Rifle comes with approx. 115 sealed Kynoch rounds and 150 hand loaded rounds.


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