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Ross Reels

Cimarron II Reel

Ross Reels Cimarron II reel.  The Cimarron II will set the standard for affordable large arbor fly reels by incorporating a superior drag mechanism that is extraordinarily smooth, heat resistant and provides incredible stopping power. The series is fully machined out of a proprietary aluminum alloy, fully anodized for protection and built to take the type of abuse applied to a reel that is used every day of the season.  The Delrin® 500AF, Teflon-impregnated disc drag system has been upgraded using new composite materials and stainless steel, boasting over twice the amount of drag pressure of its predecessor. Even with all of this additional power, the drag remains silky smooth and has zero start up inertia, which will protect the lightest tippet.  The aesthetic design of the reel is Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired linear porting making it stand out and different from most any reel on the market. Stocked in three sizes the 3/4 holds a WF3+75 and weighs 4.8 oz., the 4/5 holds a WF4+100 and weighs 4.9 oz., and the 5/6 holds a WF5+150 and weighs 5.1 oz.. Black only.


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