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Alan Paine

Eastling Wool Alpaca Blend Zip Neck Sweater

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Early British explorers favored Alan Paine wool knitwear for keeping warm in high altitude mountaineering.  Famed mountaineer George Mallory when finally found frozen high on Everest some 75 years after perishing, was found wearing Paine knitwear from the 1920s.  To honor those early explorers, Alan Paine has created the British Explorer Collection.  From that collection, the Eastling Sweater is made from a blend of Merino Wool and Alpaca to create a rugged heavy yarn Donegal Tweed but remarkably soft because of the Alpaca.  This sweater features a half zip with a ribbed mock neck.

George Mallory took part in the first ever three British explorations of Everest.  In 1924, he and his climbing partner were last seen just 800 vertical feet from Everest's summit but they never returned to camp.  Much debate has raged on whether Mallory reached the summit and perished on the way down.  His frozen body was finally found on the mountain in 1999.  Evidence does suggest he very well may have been the first person to summit Everest some almost 30 years before Hillary.  Mallory's frozen body still lays on Everest where he fell in 1924 and is documented to be wearing Paine knitwear.

  • 83% Merino wool, 17% Alpaca
  • 3GG weave
  • 1 ends x Nm 2.3
  • Zip mock neck
  • Regular fit
  • No. F31L18  Larix

Size Chart 

Tag Size Chest
40 42"
42 44"
44 46"
46 48"
48 50"


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