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Ross Reels

Evolution LT

Ross Reels Evolution LT reel.  The Evolution LT™ is unquestionably one of the lightest fly reels ever produced, and as such this large arbor fly reel is a machining masterpiece. This series is designed for those anglers who appreciate both art and function, as the cosmetic innovation and precision workmanship of the Evolution LT™ series is only surpassed by its drag system which is precise and sensitive - capable of protecting the lightest tippets even when battling world-class fish.  Anglers who have been asking for more metal in their fly reels will get exactly that as the Evolution LT™ is fitted with an aluminum spool cap, drag knob and escapement cover. To keep the weight low with these improvements, Ross added ventilation to the spool and frame, allowing for the addition of metal components with no measurable weight increase. To guarantee the level of performance consumers have come to expect from all Ross products, the Evolution LT™ has been designed with a triple redundancy drag system, ensuring dependability under the most demanding fishing conditions. Made with 6061-T6 proprietary aluminum alloy with a Delrin 500AF with impregnated Teflon drag that is durable, heat resistant, self-lubricating and maintenance free. Black, Silver, and Green.  Stocked in three sizes, the 1.5 for 3/4 holds up to a WF4+65 and weighs 4.1 oz., the 2 for 4/5 holds up to a WF5+75 and weighs 4.2 oz., and the 3 for a 5/6 holds up to a WF6+100 and weighs 4.5 oz.