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Fenglass Rod

Fenwick Fenglass rod.  A fiberglass rod from a company that invented itself during the start of fiberglass rodmaking.  Fenwick started in Seattle in the 1950's just as fiberglass was starting to be used in rodmaking and has been a staple in the American "blue collar" rodmaking scene ever since.  After an absence in the fly rod market, they have returned to the scene.  This rod is an absolute throwback to the old original Fenglass with the same look but with updated materials.  The all new Fenwick® Fenglass® series features advanced unidirectional S2 glass construction. These lightweight fiberglass rods are designed for incredibly smooth, accurate fly presentation.  They feature a medium action with a full cork handle and spacer with the old Fenglass blank colors.  This rod will fill you with 50's and 60's nostalgia and almost insist you have a frosty cold one in your free hand while using it.


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