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AYA - Aguirre Aranzabal

Imperial Sidelock 20 Gauge

AYA Imperial Sidelock Self-Opener, 20 bore, 2 3/4" chambers, self-opening action, 28" chopper lump barrels of the highest grade chrome nickel steel, choked .023 Full and .033 Extra Full and can be opened to owner's liking, 14 7/8" LOP to a checkered butt, 1 1/2" DAC, 2 1/4" DAH, 1/8" cast off for RH shooter, 6 lbs. 3 oz., ejectors, gold line cocking indicators, double triggers, straight grip, splinter forend, gas vent valves, disc set strikers, gold washed internal parts, concave game rib, best English rose and scroll hand engraving, automatic safety, locking screws fitted throughout internally, exhibition grade wood, special bone charcoal case hardening done in  England.  Chokes have been left tight so they can be opened to owners preference. This is the best grade AYA model.   A striking best gun. New and in stock.


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