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Nick Lyons

In Praise of Wild Trout

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In Praise of Wild Trout is a celebration of wild brook, brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout - by some of America's finest writers. W. D. Wetherell, John Engels, Datus Proper, John Gierach, Christopher Camuto, Tom Palmer, Robert Behnke, and Nick Lyons examine the meaning and importance of wilderness and "wildness" in this superb little book.From the essays of Gierach and Proper to the scientific studies of Behnke, In Praise of Wild Trout explores the special joys of angling for such fish: what distinguishes them, aesthetically and otherwise, from the stocked variety; the important distinction between "native" and "wild"; and the need to protect such stock - and how they have been brought back. Wild trout are the jewels of our rivers and lakes, born to their waters and with an unsurpassed physical beauty and spirit.

  • Hardback


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