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Dick Talleur

Inside Fly Tying

Inside Fly Tying is filled with a master fly tier's tips for solving common problems and simplifying tying methods. Includes new patterns and materials and innovative ways of tying classic flies.

Tips include:

  • Finding quality hackle and tying hackle-quill bodies
  • Dyeing and stripping peacock quills for bodies
  • Dubbing and winging a Wulff-style dry fly
  • Tying wood duck wings, single-feather parachutes, and foam-post parachutes
  • Using hen and rooster capes and mallard flank feathers for streamers
  • New alternative materials for Spey flies, Muddlers, Bombers, and stonefly nymphs
  • Tying a spinner with an egg sac
  • A hackling method for the Hewitt Skater
  • The advantages of tying with Coq de Leon and Brahma feathers


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