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Marvel 7' #3 Bamboo Rod

Hardy Marvel, 7 ft., 3/2, 3 wt., aluminum slide band over cork spacer, dark green silk wraps tipped in gold, bright guides and tip tops, oxidized nickel silver ferrules, wood and cork ferrule plug, agate stripper guide, hook keeper, comes with bag and aluminum tube, brand new. This rod has long been considered the best rod Hardy ever made for the American market, it has a medium to slow action for delicate midge work but with plenty of backbone for throwing longer lines.  This rod had been made for nearly 50 years until it was retired in the late 1990's.  We commissioned some of these to be made again when Hardy brought in Tom Moran to get their bamboo shop functioning again around 2008.  This is the last new rod remaining from that initial group made by Moran and Gladstone.


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