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MX-9 Combo Set

Perazzi MX-9, marketed in the US for only a short time in the early 1990s with less than 100 imported, the MX-9s featured both an adjustable comb and interchangeable mid-bead rib blocks (with different heights) to move the point of impact vertically thus making a gun that could shoot multiple disciplines (trap, skeet, and sporting clays), an interesting idea that actually works but gun companies would rather sell 3 different guns than one that could do it all and Mr. Perazzi stepped in and pulled it from the market.  12 bore, boxlock action with detachable trigger plate lock set, 3 barrel sets, 31 1/2" double, 29 1/4" double, 33 3/4" single, gun weights with three barrel sets in same order 9 lbs. 4 oz., 9 lbs. 6 oz., 9 lbs. 15 oz., all three barrel sets ported, single selective gold trigger, non-automatic safety, typically with 6 different height center bead blocks, this set has a total of of 9 with some duplicates, 14 1/4" LOP over an adjustable pneumatic recoil reducing butt, adjustable comb.  Comes with hard case, total of 8 screw-in chokes, two new in package extra main springs, and various tools and parts.  The gun still shows the top lever well right of center, this gun was maintained by Giacomo Sporting so it may have been rebuilt at some time, we do have an invoice from Giacomo from 2016 with the gun where they installed a new trigger.  Overall in very good condition with some blue thinning around barrel porting, some blue loss on action and some finish loss and handling marks on the wood.  The owner loved the gun but has become too aged to shoot any longer.


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