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G. Loomis

NRX Salmon/Steelhead Rod

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In our backyard, salmon, steelhead, and other anadromous critters are more than “just fish”.  Their presence is securely woven into the Pacific Northwest’s cultural tapestry. They’re a part of who we are, both as rod-builders and as passionate anglers. That passion is rolled into each handcrafted rod in this series, along with the experience, materials, and technology you’ve come to expect from G. Loomis. Our NRX Salmon/Steelhead rods are light and lively in hand, with a burly backbone to bump your hook-to-hand ratio. High modulus graphite, a proprietary GL7 super system, modern tapers, quality componentry, and Steve Rajeff’s legendary design ability combine to create a series of insanely lightweight, precision fishing tools that are articulate and mega-pleasurable to cast.  For those who prefer a single hand rod for their salmon and steelhead pursuits, here is a specialty built rod, built in the part of the country where they know a think or two about it.  In 10' length only, this rod will help you reach and help that line clear exposed rocks when the fish is on.  Features a fast action, dark green blank color with matching dark green carbon fiber spacer under a black anodized reel seat with a fighting butt.


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