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G. Loomis

NRX Switch

An extreme performance, 12-foot Switch rod that, thanks to a highly technical nano-silica resin system, is incredibly light and unbelievably strong. It features a fast action to create tight, aerodynamic loops for long, accurate casts. Positive line control throughout the swing with excellent mending qualities. Rated for both Skagit and Scandi-style lines, it's the serious fly rodder's dream rod. Whether your fishing skaters on a floating tip or intruders on a sink tip, this rod will handle just about anything you ask of it.  Another spectacular rod from the hands and mind of Steve Rajeff.  Features a beautiful dark green blank that comes alive in the sunlight, black anodized reel seat over a matching dark green carbon fiber spacer, two tone cork.  Medium-fast action with medium-stiff power.  Rated Scandi 24 grams/360 grains and Skagit 26 grams/400 grains.