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Saracione - Bellinger

Salmon Disc Drag Nickel Silver Reel

Saracione - Bellinger, Salmon Disc Drag Reel, 3 3/4" Narrow, RHW (convertible by the maker to LHW), 12 oz. This reel was made by Joe Saracione and Al Bellinger several years ago when Joe partnered with Al to make 200 total reels with each being individually serial numbered. This is the very last one of those reels. It has the "Saracione - Bellinger, Makers" back plate. It is nickel silver with delrin sideplates, oil-impregnated cork-caliper and disc drag system coupled with a preset gear and pawl overrunning check. Bogdan style drag lever on rear plate. Has a 1 1/4" pillar width with a 15/16" inside spool width. Capacity is a DT 8 or WF 9 and 150 yards of 30# backing. With reel bag and box. Also includes a fitted Arne Mason leather case with the maker's logo.  New and in stock.


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