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William Evans

Sporter Express .404 Jeffery

William Evans Mauser Sporter Express, circa 1912, .404 Jeffery, 27" barrel with island rear sight with one standing and two folding leaves marked 100, 200, and 300 yards, ramp front sight with flip-up low light sight, 8 lbs 5 oz, 14 1/4" LOP over a pad, military mauser action with two position wing safety with "F" and "S" in gold, checkered bolt knob with edge border in gold, inside trigger guard floorplate release, rear swivel stud with barrel mounted front stud, straight grain classic British stock with wrap checkering and ebony forend tip, barrel engraved "404 Cartridge", "William Evans (From Purdey's) 63 Pall Mall , St. James's, London", "55 Grs Cordite, 400 Grn Bullet", Nitro Proved for 60 Grains Cordite and 400 Grain Bullet Max. When the .404 Jeffery came out in 1905, it originally had less pressure than Holland's .375HH. making it a very comfortable to shoot rifle.  It was the most issued game ranger rifle in Africa thus it became very popular.  The low pressure allowed maker's to slim down these rifles to a great carry weight.  This one is at 8 lbs. 5 oz. which is fantastic.  If you shoot Kynoch ammo which is loaded to the original specs, it's very comfortable recoil.  With a bullet diameter of .422, it has a larger frontal impact than the .416 Rigby though a bit lower speed.  This rifle comes with 56 boxes of Kynoch ammo.  That should last anyone for quite a while.  Excellent condition without issue, rifling is excellent, blue is excellent, the wood has a couple of bumps and marks from use. This rifle has never been drilled for scope mounts.


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