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St. George Salmon Hotspur Ltd. Reel

Hardy St. George Hotspur Ltd., After a long absence Hardy has reissued the Salmon St. George under their new Heritage Reel category and named it the Hotspur after Harry Hotspur who was born at Alnwick Castle in 1366 who distinguished himself in battle at the tender age of 12. Though not technically a limited number production, they are only made in small batches in England and will only be made for a limited time. Both sizes are 4 1/4" diameter but the arbor size being different gives different capacities, durable black anodized finish with dual Ivorine handles, stainless steel line guard, high-strength aluminum construction, rim-mounted adjustable check, weights are about 10.3 oz. each, comes with a zippered leather case. Production has ceased on these and we have one of each size and retrieve left in stock.


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