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Albert D. Proudrier

The Sporting Life - Ltd. Edition & Autographed Copy

This fascinating book is done in a very special limited edition of 250, especially for a Vintager audience.  It is numbered and signed by the author and illustrator.

The stories-penned by first-time author and Vintager Al Poudrier-are an eclectic, yet exceptionally well-told collection of personal sporting experiences.They include a grisly (yet incredibly funny) tale about Halloween squirrels and Al's youthful indiscretions; Tennessee college days quail shooting; New England woodcock; chasing Korean DMZ minefield pheasants during the Vietnam era; gunning Maine grouse over Stuart, Al's Pomeranian; sea ducks done Vintager style; a trio of Maine deer hunting experiences; and fishing for New England bluefish, smallmouth bass and trout.

Gilding this lily is a collection of art and design by master engraver Frank Conroy, whose exquisite engraving work on an assortment of fine firearms is the standard for exceptional work. This unique book's publication marries the stories and art into a single package, bringing readers a special Vintage-style reproduction book, leather-bound cover, gold foil-stamped, with copious internal ornamentation-the book you'd discover in Merlin Grainger's Moonlight Quill book shop in 1902.


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