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John Goddard

The Trout Fly Patterns of John Goddard

John Goddard is one of the world's most supremely successful and versatile fishermen-Lefty Kreh calls him the best-and this unique book is his magnum opus. It's like sitting at the bench with a master, watching him weave the wonderful creations that are well-tied flies. Goddard has fished for trout everywhere from the U.K. to Kenya, from New Zealand to the American West, using every variety of fly. It is a testament to his experience that just one of the more than one hundred flies he details in this omnibus has caught no fewer than fifty fish.

Goddard blends traditional natural furs and feathers with a wide variety of artificial materials like Lurex, Antron, poly yarn, Krystal Flash, and Microfibetts. No one anywhere has been more successful in extending the fly tyer's arsenal of materials, and this blending may in itself be the single most exciting development in fly tying in several decades. He details his insights on such creations as the black fly, the black gnat, the Blue-Winged Olive Dun, the copperknob, the damsel wiggle nymph, and more.

Goddard's pioneering work has profoundly affected modern fly tying, and has improved the success of thousands of fly fishers. This 144-page book, filled with anecdotes and practical fly-tying wisdom, shows why. A 32-page color section highlights the best of his work.


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