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Leonard M. Wright, Jr.

The Ways of Trout

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This is the story of wild (or streambred) brook, brown, and rainbow trout in the freestone, or rainfed, streams and rivers that make up most of our running-water trout fisheries. Here are the little-known facts about their evolution, their life histories, and especially their lifestyle - how water currents, stream contours, and temperature changes affect their behavior.Why will trout sometimes take freely when none are seen feeding? Why are they, at other times, virtually uncatchable? Why do you nearly always raise a good fish in one place and never in another that looks the same?The answers lie not so much with the fly or the fisherman, but in the nature of the fish and the world it inhabits. In The Ways of Trout, Len Wright launches a new, well-documented theory on where, when and why active trout-feeding periods start and stop. Here is "must" reading for all who delight in discovering nature's secrets as well as for dedicated fly-fishers.


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