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Ultralite FWDD

Hardy Ultralite FWDD, The Hardy Ultralight Featherweight disc drag series sets a new standard in ultralight weight line control. Featuring the incredible low weight of a click check reel but with the super smooth drag performance and low start up inertia of a disc drag reel. Minimalist design to reduce weight, bar stock 6061 construction, stunning cosmetic design, reduced main shaft to eliminate weight, super smooth Rulon drag, push on /off spool design to reduce weight.  Stocked in four sizes, the 1000 holds a WF2+33 and weighs 2.9 oz., the 2000 holds a WF3+40 and weighs 3.1 oz., the 3000 holds a WF4+45 and weighs 3.4 oz., and the 4000 which holds a WF5+75 and weighs 3.6 oz.