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218W Women's One Star Perfecto - Black

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Schott's 218W Women's One Star Perfecto in Black is made from lamb's skin, making it a lightweight, soft, and supple jacket. It features classic Perfecto style elements with Starred shoulder epaulets, half waist belt, asymmetrical front zip, hidden belt snap, and snap down lapels.  

 The famous Perfecto jacket with it's unique style of the asymmetrical zipper, lapels, and belt is as classic Americana as it gets.  Irving Schott first designed the Perfecto in 1928.  It remains virtually the same today and has stood the test of time with generations of wearers.  If there is an American motorcycle design, the Perfecto is it.  It was worn by Brando in The Wild One, and by countless others in pop culture.  It's so iconic that many people seeing it, don't even think motorcycle but rock-and-roll.  It's known for being on stage equally as much.  It has been worn by The Ramones, Bruce  Springstein, Slash, and on and on. 

Schott is one of the true American Heritage brands today.  It's over 100 years old and basically, invented the leather motorcycle jacket in this country. It was actually the first company to ever put a zipper in a jacket period.  The best part, is it's not only still owned by the Schott family, but it's still run day to day by the family.  And, the jackets are still made by them in New Jersey, USA.  Truly, it is an American classic.  

  • Lamb's Skin Leather
  • Half belt
  • Snap down lapels
  • Three zippered pockets and a snap change pocket
  • Satin lining
  • Crop length
  • Made in the USA


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