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Fulton & Roark

Perpetua - Solid Cologne

On the coast of Oregon, 800 feet above the crashing ocean waves below, is the peak of Cape Perpetua. Though heavily forested with enormous evergreens, openings provide miles-long views of the ocean and its jagged coast. While the beauty of Perpetua’s forest would be noteworthy on its own, the fact that it is surrounded by the sea makes it truly spectacular.

Like its namesake, Fulton & Roark's Perpetua fragrance is noteworthy for the way two elements so unexpectedly intersect.  The cologne opens with a deep blend of Cedarwood and Mahogany, which is offset with clean and bright notes of neroli, bergamot, jasmine and amber. The result is a fresh and inviting fragrance that is somehow also sturdy and complex.

Fulton & Roark solid colognes are highly concentrated and offer a long-lasting and steady fragrance designed to keep you fresh. The solid metal containers travel easily in a gym bag, pocket or carry-on, allowing a man to smell his best no matter where he goes.

  • .2oz Solid Cologne
  • CEDAR - A fresh and woody blend of Atlas Cedar and Sea Air


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