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Salmon 9' #8/9

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R.L. Winston, 9 ft., 2/2, 5 1/4 oz., made in 1981 by Glen Brackett showing really little evidence of being used, bright aluminum downlocking reel seat over a teak spacer, typical Winston brown silk wraps, bronze snakes, hook keeper, and stripper guide, all as it should be in original bag and labeled tube. It is a powerful rod and is stated in the Winston ledger as a 9 weight but I think it will also cast an 8 weight well but a little faster. One note that the second tip is a little lighter in color. It was originally made that way and we have a photocopy of the Winston rod ledger book with all the info on the rod and it states the color mismatch. We also have a letter from Glen Brackett on his letterhead stating that he built the rod and the rod was originally made this way. Both items will be included with the rod. Also included is the original invoice for the rod that includes a personal handwritten note signed by Tom Morgan. My understanding is that this might have been the time period when they were starting to include second tips and they made up second tips for the rods that were already in progress but hadn't left the shop yet and so they didn't match on the color.


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