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Original Black Secrid
Vintage Black Secrid
Vintage Chocolate Secrid
Vintage Brown Secrid
Vintage Ochre Secrid
Matte Grey Black Secrid
Matte Green Secrid
Matte Night Blue Secrid
Indigo 5 Secrid
Indigo 3 Secrid
Nile Black Secrid
Nile Brown Secrid
Rango Black Secrid
Perforated Cognac Secrid
Perforated Black Secrid

The Secrid Slimwallet is similar to the Miniwallet but does not have the snap closure making it thinner and also easier for guys to slide into the front pocket of their denim or pants.  It comes with the RFID safe Cardprotector at it's core and a leather tri-fold wallet wraps around the aluminum Cardprotector giving you ample pockets to hold additional cards, receipts, business cards, etc. in addition to the cards stored inside the Cardprotector.  The Cardprotector part of the Slimwallet operates the same as the stand-alone Cardprotector with a button operated release and extension of all your stored cards.  Cards inside the Cardprotector are safe from any unwanted scanning hacking of your card data.  There is also a currency holder inside to keep all your cash securely tucked in but easily accessible.  The Slimwallet is usually preferred over the Miniwallet if carried in a front or chest pocket.

  • Holds 6 flat cards or 4 embossed cards (inside aluminum Cardprotector), business cards, cash, and up to 6 extra cards
  • Dimensions 4" x 2.6" x .6"
  • Weighs 2.5 oz.
  • Exterior made from cowhide leather
  • Designed and made in Holland


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