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Jack Haugh

Custom Falling Block .30-30

Jack Haugh custom falling block, .30-30, built on a Stevens 44 1/2 falling block action, Jack did all work on this rifle except the barrel which was made by the famous Luft brothers renowned for their boring, lapping, and chamber work, 26" octagon barrel with top flat machined with front ramp sight, barrel stamped "H. C. Luft", barrel mounted front sling mount, 7 lbs. 6 oz., lever action falling block Stevens 44 1/2 single shot, highly figured exhibition "crotch" American black walnut stock with pancake cheekpiece, 13 1/2" LOP, forend with schnabel style tip and wrap checkering, checkered steel butt plate with trap door, steel grip cap, Lyman rear peep sight, designed to be an open sighted eastern Whitetail rifle.  Originally built for Mark Bennison who was the director of Amnesty International.  Rifle remains unfired since leaving Jack's shop.


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