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AYA - Aguirre Aranzabal

No. 2 RA Sidelock 12 Gauge

AYA No. 2 RA Sidelock Ejector, 12 bore, 2 3/4" chambers, double triggers, straight grip, splinter forend, 29" barrels choked .010 IC and .020 Mod., 6 lbs. 15 oz., LOP variable, comes with 3 NECG fitted quick-detach black rubber pads that give it 15", 14 1/2", or 14 1/4" LOPs, 1 1/2" DAC, 2 1/4" DAH, 1/8" cast off for right hand shooter, silver finish, cocking indicators, disc set strikers, chopper lump barrels, vacant gold oval, rolled trigger guard, articulated front trigger.  Excellent condition used gun from 2013 in original box, showing light handling marks from use, a couple small scratches in the barrel blue and a small area of thinning barrel blue from handling, otherwise, nice and tight and ready for the field.


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