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Angling Designs

Quick Seine

The Quick Seine is a fly fishing seine net that will provide you with an instant sampling of trout stream insects without the inconvenience of pocket-searching, juggling, or tying on. A compactible all-white seine net is stored and transported in a pouch on the unused portion of your landing net handle and is always ready to use. The elasticized seining net can stretch over your landing net in seconds to capture and examine insect specimens on or below the surface of the water. The insect seine net dries completely inside its breathable pouch after use. Transported out of the way on the net handle, the seining net frees up valuable vest-pocket space.
  • Easy to use
  • Available in large and standard sizes to fit all landing nets
  • Breathable storage pouch
  • Standard size fits oval and teardrop shaped nets up to 9"x13"
  • Large size fits oval, teardrop, and catch & release shaped nets up to 10.5"x18.5"


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