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Boxlock Drilling 16 x 16 x 30-30

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Gebruder Merkel Boxlock Drilling, circa 1924, 16 bore side by side over .30-03 Win., 7 lbs. 7 oz., high quality case hardened scalloped back boxlock action with bolstering and sideclips, finely engraved in acanthus scroll and foliate pattern, bottom of action engraved "Suhler Waffenwerk, Gebruder Merkel Suhl" in banner, Greener crossbolt, triple popup cocking indicators, dual safety with side safety for shotgun barrels and top tang safety for rifle featuring push button to popup rear single blade sight mounted in rib,  28" fluid steel barrels with full length machined rib, rib engraved with importer's name "A.F. Stoeger, New York", choked .030 Full and .033 Full, 2 1/2" chambers, double triggers, prince-of-wales grip, splinter forend, 14 1/8" LOP over a horn butt plate, 1 1/2" DAC, 2 7/8" DAH, 1/8 cast off, horn inlay in forend tip, vacant stock oval.  Excellent condition gun without issue, minor handling and use marks only.  Looks to be little used if any.


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