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Griffin & Howe

Griffin & Howe Mauser Sporter .220 Weatherby Rocket

Griffin & Howe Sporter built on a FN commercial 300 mauser action, sn 2394 and built about 1960 and is from the collection of renown G&H collector Emil McConnell, .220 Weatherby Rocket (.220 Swift Improved), 9 lbs. 13 oz. (with scope and mounts), 13 5/8" LOP over a checkered widow peaked steel butt plate with a bullet trap door, 26" Douglass premium air-gauged barrel with a banded front ramp sight with hood, Unertl scope mounts with a Unertl 10x AO varminter with a 7/8" tube, FN commercial 300 mauser action with jeweled bolt and follower, and an ornately engraved 5-panel bolt knob, adjustable double set trigger for precision work, very nicely figured quarter-sawn Teyssier French walnut stock with fiddleback, shadowline cheekpiece, contoured steel grip cap, ebony forend, gold stock oval with initials "MTL", stud rear and front swivels.  Rifle is reported to be still unfired and looks it.  As clean as they come.  The Rocket was Roy Weatherby's first cartridge developed (1943) as an improvement to .220 Swift and can reach up to 4250 fps depending on load but the real improvement was removing the considerable taper in the Swift and provide better headspacing and less case stretch thus improving case life.  .220 Swift can be shot in the rifle and for .220 Weatherby Rocket cases, simply fire form Swift cases in it.  


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